About the Company

My name is Luigina Johnson and I am the founder and owner of iInterpretSpanish.  I am a native of Chile and now a U.S. citizen.  My love for languages began at a very early age when one of my aunts taught me a couple of words in German.  I began studying English at age 10 and French at 11, and my passion to become an Interpreter developed as I studied in the United States and in France.  I earned a Bachelor's degree in Chile in Conference Simultaneous Interpretation and Translation in Spanish/English/French. 

The company name says exactly what I do.  I interpret Spanish.  And for clarification purposes, let me explain the difference between interpretation and translation. Interpretation is the verbal communication and translation is the written communication from one language to another.  I offer both services, as I love the interaction with people while interpreting as well as engaging in the intricate details of the written language in translation.  I have worked in this profession since 1991 and partner with other professionals who have similar levels of experience. 

I will help you identify the services you need for your meeting or translation work, and offer guidance on how to plan your event for a successful outcome.